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App. Live Reaction

Liven up your lives, engage your audience

Transform your TikTok lives in immersive experiences with Live Reaction App.

Connect your WiFi devices, trigger actions in real time and engage your audience like never before.

All In One F1 Tablet

The revolution of Streaming

The Live All in One F1 touchscreen tablet is the best way to conduct lives on social networks.

This little gem of technology will take your lives to the next level!

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HD Camera

The integrated Sony camera has 8 million pixels, for optimal image quality.

Multi Cameras

4 cameras can be connected simultaneously. Perfect for varying viewing angles or presenting products.

Ring Light

Keep your complexion looking perfect with an integrated ring light. Choose from several colors and lighting levels.


Prepare your texts or notes in advance so you don't forget anything during your lives. Only you will see the text scrolling on the screen.


Easily record each live to be able to publish them on other social networks or websites.


Insert images, wallpapers, emojis, product photos... during your live, with one click!


The All In One F1 Tablet is compatible with most live streaming platforms

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"The streaming revolution, that's exactly it! I went from a simple webcam to this tablet and the difference is striking. My subscribers constantly compliment me on the quality of my lives. Thank you!"

Dec 11 / Lalove

"Displaying texts on the screen is a feature I had never seen elsewhere. It's super convenient for sharing information or promo codes live!"

3 Mar / Manon

"The ability to connect up to 4 cameras is a real plus for me who likes to vary the angles during my streams. And the prompter function is just great for not forgetting anything during my lives."

27 Nov / Charles78

"I love the background change feature. Even without a green screen, I can cut myself out and add really cool wallpapers. My subscribers are blown away!"

19 Jun / Leo

"Since I started using this machine, the number of live subscribers has literally doubled! I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to boost their online presence."

30 Oct / Jennifer

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