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Trigger effects, lights, devices or sounds depending on the gifts you receive during your TikTok lives!

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An innovative mobile application!

Live Reaction is our new mobile application dedicated to lives on TikTok. It allows you to receive many more gifts, get more subscribers and entertain viewers!

It's the ultimate app for TikTok content creators looking to boost their lives and engage their audiences in innovative ways. Thanks to extensive integration of home automation, each gift received during a live event can trigger specific actions in your immediate environment.

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In a few words...

Allow your viewers and subscribers to interact with your devices (lights, sounds, electrical devices such as bubble or smoke machines, etc.). Each gift will activate one or more, depending on the settings

Entertain them and offer them entertaining lives by allowing them to activate a whole series of Wi-Fi devices connected to your home.

If it's funny, interactive, amusing or out of the ordinary... then it's good!

Get ready to gain many more subscribers!

Whether they're just curious to try or simply because they like what you offer with Live Reaction, your viewers and subscribers will send you more gifts. 

And you know what that means > $$$ 😉

Endless possibilities and original concepts open the way to innovative and extraordinary lives, thus promoting rapid growth on TikTok.

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You can choose which TikTok gift will trigger which action or device.

You are free to link several gifts to the same device or to control several devices with a single gift.

Everything is possible !

You can choose whether a gift activates a single device or several.

You can also activate a sound or music at the same time, and even choose the color of the LEDs for a lighting effect.

A library of integrated sounds (music, sound effects, voices, etc.) will liven up your lives with each gift received.

You can choose the duration of the sounds and the associated gift that will trigger them.

How it works ?

  • Step 1: Connect your home automation devices to the app via your Wi-Fi network.
  • 2nd step : Set specific actions to trigger for each type of TikTok gift you will receive.
  • Step 3 : Open your TikTok application and launch your live as you usually do.
  • Step 4 : Once the live is in progress, the actions you have previously configured will be triggered automatically as soon as you receive gifts.
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